Different Headstones

Gravestones come in all shapes and sizes. As many people don’t spend too much time thinking about them, they can often be surprise with what’s on offer. If you’re planning a funeral, or simply want to plan things out ahead of time, then you’ll need to know what these types are.

Different Types Of Gravestones

There are six main types of gravestones to choose from, ranging from the simple to the ornate. Each can have its benefits, which is why you might want to consider them.

  • Upright: An upright headstone is perhaps the most common, as it’s the most affordable option. That being said, it is a relatively basic option.
  • Slanted: As the name suggests, these are similar to upright headstones, although they have a pronounced slant. That could make it look like the headstone is coming out of the ground.
  • Ledger Marker: These are considerably larger than many other headstones, as they’re designed to go over the entire grave. As a result, they can usually look like a coffin placed upon a grave. Ledgers can also be paired with either upright or slanted headstones.
  • Flat: These are also called flush headstones, as they’re installed flush on the ground. These have proven to be popular as they’re one of the most affordable gravestones and they don’t need much space to install.
  • Companion: Most people assume that a headstone is designed just for one person. If more are included, they’re normally in a list. With companion headstones, however, you can choose one for you and your partner, or any couple. That can make them great for family plots.
  • Monuments: Monuments are typically seen as lavish gravestones and are often the most expensive. They’re usually carved into the shape of a cross or an angel, although it’s not uncommon to see other designs.

Choosing between gravestones can often be difficult, although it can also be relatively easy. Since there’s no right or wrong choice, it’s about going with what feels right. Taking the time to pick one now can save a lot of heartache in the future.