Different Types Of Gravestones

People in the unfortunate position of planning a funeral are often overwhelmed at the amount of information coming their way. While much of this is to do with the funeral itself, there are also gravestones to consider. These will be on full display for eternity, so you’ll naturally want to make a good choice.

But what factors should you consider when buying a gravestone? One of the more notable is the materials that it’s made from. The material affects more than what the gravestone looks like, as there can be a few pros and cons with each. As such, you’ll need to make sure that you know as much as possible about them.

What Are Gravestones Made From?

There are five common types of gravestone material, each of which boasts a few benefits. They also have their negatives, which means that you’ll need to spend some time considering them.

  • Granite: Granite headstones are the most popular options to choose from, as they’re the most affordable. There are also quite a few different colors to pick.
  • Bronze: Bronze gravestones are the second most-common headstones to choose from, as they’re easy to maintain and can feature a lot of intricate design work. That being said, they can be more expensive than granite.
  • Marble: Marble headstones can be seen as one of the more luxurious options, as they’re often one of the more expensive. Despite this, bad weather could wear it down relatively quickly.
  • Stainless Steel: Headstones made from stainless steel have been growing in popularity in recent years. That’s because it can be much more durable than alternatives while also allowing for intricate detail work.
  • Limestone: Limestone is a softer stone and is quite easy to carve. As a result, you can customize it relatively easy, with this being somewhat affordable. Like marble, however, it might not put up well in certain weather.

There’s a lot of work that goes into choosing between gravestones. As there’s no right or wrong choice, it’s worth taking the time to consider each before deciding.