E-juice flavors to help you quit

Suicide Bunny is an E-liquid product. It is a brand that is considered popular right now. This brand carries five different kinds of flavors.
They are: Derailed, Madrina, Mother’s Milk, Sucker Punch and the O.B.

Derailed is a popular flavor under the Suicide Bunny brand. When you inhale this flavor you will get a smell like cookies that have been freshly baked. When ybuns-608916_640ou exhale this you will get the taste of cinnamon bun. The smell is very enticing and will have you wanting more.

The second flavor is called Madrina. It has a cream base with a mix of melon flavor. This is also considered a very popular choice when it comes to this E-liquid brand.

The third flavor is known as Mother’s Milk. It is considered to be a popular juice. It has a rich kind of creamy dessert taste. When you exhale this substance you will experience the scent and taste of a light strawberry flavor in Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk.

The fourth flavor is Sucker Punch. This will take you to an exotic getaway. It has a mix of dragon fruit and smooth cream. It is something worth discovering and what you will find along the way. This flavor will definitely cause you to feel like you are in a different place far away – like somewhere tropical.

Last but not least is the O.B. flavor. This has a rich a creamy taste and it comes with tons of other flavors that will surprise you. You will get more than what you bargain for with this E-liquid. It comes in all sorts of flavor that you will discover when trying O.B.

If you are huge fan of the trend in E-smoking, then this brand of flavors is for you. It is considered very popular and also very well-known. It will have you wanting more when you try their brand of assorted flavors of E-liquid.

Try any of the Suicide Bunny E Juice products, especially their popularr juice. Many people have tried their product and were satisfied with it. They are sure that you will be satisfied as well if you give their product a try.

Among the various E-liquids that are in the market right now, this brand leads out significantly.
Give their E-liquid a try and taste and see for yourself what you think of their products. If you are not satisfied with their product you can always return them.